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G-70 - Overriding the ROM styles

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G-70 - Overriding the ROM styles #122

Overriding the ROM styles

This is one of my favorite customization tips. It should probably be categorized as a "do not try this at home" tip. Consider this scenario: You choose an internal ROM style, e.g. the ROM style "Schlager pop". You now select upper- and lower voices, effect etc. When you are done you save your settings as user program 1-1. You now notice that the reverb setting for the a.bass has the value "0". You do not like your bass sounds with reverb, so you adjust the reverb to the value "-127". Now the automatic bass is 100% dry. You now save your user program again to save your setting.

Now try to recall the user program. What is the reverb value of the a.bass? It is still value "0". Now you might be confused, because you had just adjusted the level to "-127"? This is not a bug. The concept is that you can not override the settings of the ROM styles. But you desperately want to adjust the reverb, so you now have two alternative ways to proceed:

Alternative 1.

Save a copy of the ROM style to - let's say external memory. You can modify the a.bass reverb on this copy an use the copy style in your user program.

This was what the users typically do, but there is however another way to change the reverb. Watch this:

Alternative 2.

Follow the instruction in alternative 1. You now have a copy of the style "Schlager Pop" on external memory. Connect G-70 to your PC via USB. Via PC you now replace the G-70 ROM style "Schlager Pop.STL" (in the ROMStyles folder) with your modified copy of "Schlager Pop.STL" which resides on external memory. Congratulations! You have now overrided the ROM style. The original ROM style "Schlager Pop.STL" is replaced by your modified "Schlager Pop.STL" with no reverb in the a.bass.

One very important note is that the file names has to match 100%. Otherwise it will not work properly. So why should you do this? Well, you should do it, if you are not satisfied with the settings of the ROM styles. Personally I am not satisfied. So why don't I just make a copy of the ROM styles to external memory? Well, you could do that, but I think it is stupid to have a copy of all 285 ROM styles residing on external memory. Furthermore I like to be able to select the ROM style from the "STYLE" section on the keyboard. So this is my motivation for overriding the ROM styles.

As you probably have realized is that you are actually making your own factory data bundle by using this trick :-) Remember - do not try this unless you know what you are doing. Enjoy!
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G-70 - Overriding the ROM styles #128
This is one of the features I missed most when going to the BK series.

Essentially, unless you are 100% happy with the ROM styles, you are relegated to having to call up your edited ROM styles from the Performance List (if you have created a Performance using it) or laboriously hand navigate through the file structure of your stick to find it.

Now, this isn't a big deal if you, like me, prefer to set up your entire songlist in advance. But I know many of the more 'old school' arranger players still prefer to do things the old way... Find the style, find the sound, start playing. This used to be a pretty good system when arrangers had dozens of styles and a hundred or so sounds. Trouble is, with modern arrangers having 500+ or so styles and thousands of sounds, it really isn't practical.

Nowadays, on the BK and E-A series arrangers, about the only workaround to having quick access to edited ROM styles is to perhaps make a Performance List of each Style family and edit the ROM styles and store them in organized folders in your User Rhythms folder, and have the Performance point to them. Obviously, not as good as having front panel access to them (and it does kind of make the ten buttons that ONLY call up ROM styles rather a waste of space) but at least a bit easier than hunting through a disorganized My Rhythms folder for the style you want.

On a side note, any SERIOUS hacker types that want an interesting project, how about looking into the last BK OS update for the patch data for the ROM styles? Perhaps there's a way to hack the OS and insert edited style data to replace the factory edits? Not for the faint of heart, obviously, and nowhere near as easy as the old G/E series way.

But maybe it could be done?
2 years 9 months ago
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