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  • Fran
    Fran replied to the topic BK9 styles to share in Music related

    BK9 styles to share

    Diki, as you know I have an SRX board for the newer drums and basses..(studio)
    I was able to get satisfactory results playing BK5 styles on the G70 after edits..
    I cannot find the BK9 styles directed to me..Do you have them in storage..if so please give me a link to the storage..

    I still have not seen a BK9..Stores are just plain avoiding them around here..mostly Yamaha junk..I mean keyboards :)

    I will have to call Bill Lewis and see if he can clear some time for me to visit him.. ;)

  • Diki
    Diki replied to the topic Buying a G70 in Music related

    Buying a G70

    OK... congratulations on the G70 purchase. Now let me persuade you to spend a bit more!

    I always felt that the weakest part of the overall G70 sound was the basses. Don't get me wrong, they are acceptable, and with some EQ can be made better, but all in all, there isn't much 'bottom' to them. And that's pretty much the modern sound.

    So, look around on Ebay, other arranger sites, even some Roland synth sites, and see if you can't pick up a used SR-G01 SRX card, or better (but much harder to find!) the SRX-07 card. Both have some MUCH better basses, fatter and more detailed, and they, IMHO, make the G70 a much more rounded instrument.

    Don't forget, the instrument sounds just fine as is, but either of these can push it into much better territory. Of course, you will need to edit the ROM styles to use the card sounds, but there IS a way to replace the ROM styles with your edits, plus the SR-G01 card came with a reworked factory set to use the sounds on it (if you find one, I can send you those styles).

    Strangely, I'm not sure what options the G70 offered that the PA3X didn't. I have always found Korg's to be just about the most complex, comprehensive arrangers around (but I didn't like the fewer fills, and complexity of operation), with a sampler, multipads and full voice editing... Perhaps you'd like to tell us what it is in the G70 you think is so good?

    BTW, make sure the kids have a decent stereo hooked up to it. That main GrandX piano is a work of art in stereo! That piano sort of creeps up on you. While it may not sound as cutting and bombastic as some other arranger pianos, play it solo for any length of time, and you start to realize what depth it has, and how beautiful it makes piano playing with dynamics (as opposed to the general 'hammer it as hard as you can' that many of us do while a style is going full blast!). I've used it on many, many recordings in big studios, and had producers prefer it to Kurzweils, even real pianos! Wonderful stereo imaging (but it does not collapse to mono very well, so again, I say use a STEREO monitoring rig!), glorious detail at pp though f... It just comes up a bit shy when you spank it really hard. But all in all, I prefer a piano that is a bit darker (I'm a Steinway fan over say a real Yamaha piano!) and rewards the middle dynamics... B)

    I hope you and the kids have a lot of fun with it, and don't forget to join the G70 Group here... plenty of current G70 users to help you with any issues.

  • Diki
    Diki replied to the topic BK9 styles to share in Music related

    BK9 styles to share

    Fran, it's an easier job to play BK styles on an E80 (or even the E60) than on a G70. For whatever reason, Roland brought out a bunch of new kits and reworked the V-Drum kits from the G70 for those arrangers, and the G70 just doesn't have them. So, I found that you need to spend quite a bit of time in the Makeup Tools to get the G70 to play them acceptably. Listen carefully for the G70 playing flam's when they should be straight tom-tom hits for example (they changed the mapping of those), and claps and side-sticks changed around a bit.

    If you can, it's worth asking someone for an audio example of the BK style before you dig in too far, and give yourself a confidence check that the G70 is at least playing the right drum kit sounds!

    Then, of course, the BK series allows up to 3 MFX effects to be applied to style or SMF Parts. This will radically change the sound from what it's going to do in your G70, which (unless you used my trick of routing the Direct outs into the Aux ins and using the Aux MFX) can't put ANY MFX on Style Parts!

    Mind you, hearing those BK styles played on a BK-9 is going to definitely make you realize how dated the G70 is! I still love the form factor of my G70 (love that touch screen and the keybed!) but in almost every way possible, the BK-9 sounds so much better! Have you had an opportunity to spend a bunch of quality time with one yet? :evil:

  • ficicampus
    ficicampus just logged in to the site.
  • emo

    Orient Sounds for BK-7M

    I truly believe that learning what NOT to play is at least as important as learning what to play when it comes to imitative playing!

    While it takes just a few minutes of listening to an instrument to learn a few licks and phrases, you need to listen for a LOT longer to get a feel for what the instrument would NEVER do. And avoiding those sorts of things is the answer to a convincing performance. It's no good nailing a few choice phrases, if you then go ahead and spoil it all with a few licks no erhu (or sax, or pedal steel, or whatever you are trying to do) would ever play!

    Take a listen to this, let it be a guide...

    Listen to when the vibrato starts in the note... sometimes immediately, sometimes after a delay. Listen to how wide the vibrato is, and how much it changes speed, and how different the speed is on different notes (or during a note!). Note also how often the note portamento's to the next note, and how often that next note may be much more than a whole tone away. If only using the bender, you may have to set it to more than the usual whole tone amount, or try using a switch to turn portamento on and off as needed...

    A pitch strip makes all the sense in the world when doing anything that uses a string! Essentially, you can do exactly what the real player does, sliding from one note to the next, rocking your finger from side to side to get vibrato, jumping to a new position to get the sound of fingering a new note (but not changing bow direction). Bend levers or wheels only offer the opportunity to bend, but this type of playing does so much more.

    Then listen carefully to how much the notes swell during the note. You are going to have to use the swell (expression) pedal very extensively to imitate how she phrases!

    You've definitely bitten off one of the toughest instruments to imitate well here, daidupso, but what you learn from trying to imitate this will translate very well to almost any imitative venture.

  • emo

    BK9 styles to share

    Fran, look at the legacy forum in Styles:
    There is a topic 'Styles from Audya and BK9', which are editted to sound better on G-70 and E-80.

  • Willem52
    Willem52 just logged in to the site.

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